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The Assassin and the Pirate Lord {by Sarah J. Maas}

The Assassin and the Pirate Lord (Throne of Glass, #0.1) - Sarah J. Maas

This review can also be found on the NerdHerdReads to figure out how I didn't know there were Throne of Glass novellas....whaaattt??? I loved Throne of Glass when I read it. I'm about to reread it so I can read Crown of Midnight and so I might as well just read the entire series, start to finish. (Not saying that I'm going to read every single novella, because there are quite a few. But as many as I can, so that's what you'll be seeing on SSS for the next few weeks. Hashtag sorrynotsorry)


Calaena and Sam have been sent to the Pirate Lord to collect on a debt. Unbeknownst to them, they are actually there to collect a shipment of slaves. Upon finding this out, Celaena is enraged. Deciding to risk her master Arobynn's wrath, she concocts a way to free the slaves, dragging Sam into it with her.


Although short, this novella was still nice, allowing us into Celaena's personality and thoughts. She may be an assassin, hardened and jaded, but she still has a heart. She may be a killer for a living, but she has boundaries, lines she will not cross. And enslaving hundreds of people that had no choice, were possibly in the wrong place at the wrong time, definitely crosses that line.


Besides Celaena's hidden self, we also have get a peek into how the assassins work. We learn how she had no choice to work for Arobynn. We learn how although they seem to have a good life (well, except for the assassin part, I guess), everything is not as it seems. We see how she interacts with others, especially the other assassins. And her arrogance is something that is still the same Throne of Glass ;)


Also, Sam's pretty cute ;) I'd call him sweet, but I'm not sure you can use that word with an assassin :P


All in all, this was a quick, fun read that showed us more of Celaena and the assassings. I would definitely recommend it for lovers of the Throne of Glass series, as it shows us a little more about Celaena, the assassins, but also some of the happenings of the country that later become important in Throne of Glass.