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Time Between Us {by Tamara Ireland Stone}

Time Between Us - Tamara Ireland Stone

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I wanted to flail about this series like everyone else. I really did. But for whatever reason, I just could not get into it. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't my type of book. It took me a long time to get into it, and even then I was just reading to finish it. Maybe because I had read so much hype about it, my expectations were so high, and when it didn't meet those expectations, I was more disappointed than I would have been.


Anna is going on with life, aching for adventure and excitement. She longs to travel the world, but for right now, she is stuck in Chicago. Then, she meets Bennett. A boy who denies seeing her at the track--when she knows it was him--but then reacts so strangely to hearing her name. And eventually, Anna begins to learn his secrets.


Bennett isn't from Chicago. He isn't even from 1995. He is from 2012 San Francisco, and he has come back to find his sister, who he lost when he brought her back in time to go to a concert. Except, meeting and falling in love with Anna wasn't part of his plan.


Both of these characters seemed to fall flat for me. Anna seemed whiny and annoying, and Bennett wasn't swoony. I know he was for some (read: every other girl except me) but for some reason, I just wasn't feeling it. First off, I didn't quite understand the whole time travel thing. I understood most of it, such as he couldn't go past his lifetime, and he couldn't (or wouldn't) go into the future. But there were some parts that he talked about, such as when he and Anna did try to do-over the day of the accident, that were so complex, and left me confused. Maybe I was just tired, maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, maybe it wasn't actually as complex as I thought it was. I don't know.


Also, rules. Bennett has a lot of rules about his time travel, and that's understandable. With something so crazy, there has to be limits. And though Anna called Bennett the hypocrite, I felt that she was the hypocrite. She didn't have respect for his rules. When her friend got into the car accident, she wanted Bennett to go against everything he believed in to do it over. When Bennett did over the robbery at the store so she would be safe, she was okay with it because it was for her benefit. But when Bennett did over their kiss because he didn't want to hurt her with the fact that he had to leave, she was outraged. When Bennett went back in time and gave his father stock tips so they could be rich, she was adamant that it was wrong. And yes, I do agree that maybe that part was wrong, But that was why Bennett had rules. And she completely didn't care.


Also, I was unsure as to what was going on, or what the plot was pretty much the whole time. Is he trying to find his sister, or is he trying to find a way to be with Anna? Was there something wrong with his time travel powers or not? (I mean, I know there definitely was at the end, but before that.) I really just didn't know what was going on, except that Anna and Bennett spent pretty much all their time together and blew everyone else off because they loved each other sooo much.


Strangely enough, I think I would recommend this book to others. It wasn't my type of book, but if you're the kind of person who likes this type of story, I really think you would love this story. And you could be one of the flailers ;)