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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare This review can also be found on The NerdHerdReadsSoo this review may be a bit biased, because this is one of my all-time favorite series. I'm not going to review every book in the series separately, so this is going to be a review of the series, specifically focusing on Clockwork Princess. The Infernal Devices is set in the same Shadowhunter world as Clare's first series, the Mortal Instruments. It follows the story of Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs, and Tessa Gray. Tessa comes over to London from America after the death of her aunt, to be with her brother. Instead of her brother, she is kidnapped by the Gray sisters, who torture her, trying to get her to show some power she doesn't know she has. She is rescued by Will Herondale, who then takes her to the Shadowhunter Institute in London. There she meets the head of the Institutre, Charlotte Branwell and her husband Henry, as well as the other residents: Jem Carstairs, and Jessamine Lovelace. Suddenly, Tessa is thrust into a world she never knew existed: one of Nephilim, warlocks, vampires, faeries, and who-knows-what-else. Tessa soon finds that she is a warlock, and an unusual one at that. She also finds out that the Sisters kidnapped her by order of someone called Mortmain. To the dismay of the rest of the Shadowhunter world, Mortmain has created a set of clockwork automaton to destroy the Shadowhunters.Unsure as to what I can say without spoiling anything in the first two books for new readers, I will just say that Cassandra Clare is an excellent writer. She sucks you in from the first page, creating a whole new world with just words. The characters are relate-able lovable, and realistic. You empathize, sympathize, grieve, rejoice, and celebrate with these characters. With some surprising twists and loops that you never saw coming, the series is filled with just the right amount of action, adventure, and romance.As objectively as I can say this... Clockwork Princess was the most beautiful conclusion to a series I have ever read. And I've read a lot of books. And I say this with all seriousness. Not only did Clare end the series in such a perfect way as to ensure that no character got left out of their ending, she ended the love triangle in such a perfect way, that neither boy was thrown aside or "lost out". I almost have no words to say to describe how completely in love I am with this book.I know that, as a "fangirl" of this series, you may hesitate to wonder why you should take my word seriously. But stop and think about it. There has to be a reason I fangirl over it, right? It's not just for Team Jem or Team Will (although that doesn't hurt...). The series is so beautifully written, as to be riveting in all the right parts. If you are someone who doesn't read much, or at all, I sincerely suggest giving this series a try.