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Halo {by Alexandra Adornetto} DNF

Halo - Alexandra Adornetto

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Ugh. This book. This book. I'm not sure I can even express how much I disliked this book, but I'll try without coming across as hateful. Because I don't hate the book, or the author. Not really.


I will give props to the author because she was only 18 when this was published. However, there's a reason (with a few exceptions) teenagers don't get published.


The premise of the book sounded like it would be a good read. I liked the fact the girl was the angel this time, and not the damsel in distress. The cover is really pretty, which is why I picked the book up.


Bad decision.


Overall, the book was very childish. The main character, Bethany, was naive and just plain dumb. She's an angel sent down from heaven with her siblings, Gabriel and Ivy to a town to fight evil. Except, they don't ever do anything. Bethany goes to high school and falls in love with Xavier. Ivy knits. A lot of evil-fighting going on here, I see. The entire book is just about Bethany and Xavier's love.


As a nerd, I can understand the stereotyping of the preps. However, this book took it way out of proportion. I have never met girls that dumb, and I've met a lot of dumb girls in my short life. As a female, I cannot fathom why the author would present her characters in such a sexist way. They were beyond shallow and ignorant, and it hurt my brain just to read about them. Bethany herself was whiny, naive, and immature. And she's supposed to be a freaking angel????


Then there's Xavier. Really, he's the damsel in distress here. Adornetto gave him some "baggage", but it was briefly mentioned, then forgotten, then brought back up every now and then so as to make him seem not perfect. Not that he was perfect to begin with.


Oh. Evil. Right. About halfway through the book, Adornetto remembers that her angels are supposed to be doing stuff, and brings in the "evil" character, Jake. Except, he's just your average teenage boy. Now, I know I didn't finish the book, so I don't know what he does to be so "evil" but really. You could definitely tell he was an afterthought.


The book was also very preachy. The author definitely had some religious bias, and made sure that everything Bethany said came across as such. I mean, I'm religious too, but this was crazy over-the-top.


Nothing about this book made sense. Nor can I figure out why someone actually published it. Oh, and get this... it's a trilogy. As in, she was published again. And again. Ugh.