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Destroy Me {by Tahereh Mafi}

Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi

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A novella from the perspective of the villain? A very interesting twist. And this novella was practically perfect. It allowed us to see things from Warner's perspective, which Mafi did quite well. Warner is obsessed with Juliette, to the point where it is unhealthy and more than a little psychotic. In this novella, we see exactly how much it consumes him, how he feels, what his though processes are like.


Unlike Shatter Me, where he was the cold, calculating villain, here we see him as more of a child. And although many people may not want to feel sorry for someone so "evil", we do. We see how he's obsessed with Juliette because he thinks he has found someone like him, someone he thinks can understand him. And that's all he wants, understanding and love. We see how the presence of his father changes him, due to his father's abuse. We see how, in the only way he knows how, Warner has feelings for Juliette.


He still is, how shall we say it...crazy. But we begin to realize, maybe that isn't something he can help. Either by birth, or his circumstances, or the abuse, his mental capacity is not equal to "normal" people. Plus, there's the whole deeper question Mafi poses (whether she means to or not) of nature versus nurture, with both Warner and Juliette.


For something so short, it was almost like a full story. It was riveting from the start, and will change the way you view the series. If you have a way, I would definitely recommend reading this. It was just that good.